About EGO Systems, Inc.

Founded in September 1989, EGO Systems, Inc. is a company of computing professionals with experience in just about every facet of systems design and implementation.

Creating a new IT system is not a trivial exercise. Whether it's a database, a mainframe application or a "simple" web site, implementing a new system requires time, planning and a firm grasp of all of the technologies involved.

Over the years, we've successfully designed and implemented dozens of systems on a wide variety of platforms; for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to the Federal Government.

If your project is already underway and you need a little extra help, our wide range of experience also means that we can hit the ground running and be up to speed very quickly.

So, if you've got a project that you just can't seem to get a handle on, give us a call. (The initial consultation is free.) Whether it be databases, custom software, or web sites, we've probably done something like it and we'll be happy to sit down with you and determine exactly what's needed to get your project up and running right the first time!