About Movie Strobe

Movie Strobe is a fun and simple app that allows you to take stobe-light movies with your iPhone 4 or 4S.

Just start Movie Strobe, set your strobe-light speed, turn the light on (by hitting the star-shaped button), and then hit the record button. You can even change the strobe speed as you are recording. (You can also record without the strobe if you want, making Movie Strobe one of the fastest ways to take movies on your device.)

After your movie is recorded, hit the Play button to review any of the movies you've made with Movie Strobe. Just double-tap a movie to view it.
  • Simple controls: Turn the flash on, and then move the slider towards the bunny to make the strobe go faster. Move the slider towards the turtle to slow it down. (Move the slider all the way to the bunny to make the light stay on without flashing. [Yes, it's also usable as a simple flashlight.])
  • Controls are optimized for viewing in the dark. (But they're super-easy to see in the daylight too.)
  • Supports AirPlay for playback on your Apple TV (2nd or 3rd Gen only).
  • Great fun at parties!
*** NOTE *** Using the strobe/flash-light feature of Movie Strobe can quickly deplete your battery! Also, do NOT use this app around anyone subject to fits or seizures. (i.e. Persons with Photosensitive Epilepsy or other light-sensitive conditions.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The strobe light doesn't work! What am I doing wrong?

The strobe light can't work until the flash is turned on. To turn the flash on, just hit the "star" button that's under the Rabbit. That will turn on the flash and then you can use the slider control to adjust the speed of the strobe.

How do I play back the movies I've made?

First, hit the Review button. (It looks like a "Play" button, and it's under the Turtle.) This will present you with a listing of the movies you've created with Movie Strobe. Just double-tap the movie you want to play and it will start playing.

Screen Shots