About Shuffler

Shuffler is our original fast music player for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Just tap the icon and Shuffler will begin playing a random song from your library. Once your music is playing, you can control playback by tapping one of the big, friendly controls, or, if you prefer, by using simple swipes. Up or down to control volume, left or right to skip tracks and double-tap to pause/play. Shuffler also lets you shuffle music by artist or album. Just tap the artist or album name and Zoom Player does the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ummm, what's the difference between this and Zoom Player?

There are two main differences:
  • Shuffler costs 99¢ from the app store. Zoom Player is ad supported (and therefore free to download). So, if you don't mind ads, Zoom Player is for you. If you hate ads, Shuffler is what you want.
  • Shuffler supports versions of iOS older than 4.0. Zoom Player only supports iOS 4.0 and later.

Screen Shots