About Zoom Contact Universal

Zoom Contact is a Universal application (that is, it works on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches) that lets you quickly and easily edit the contacts in your address book. Just tap the Zoom Contact Universal icon, pick a contact, and start typing!

If you just want to add a contact, nothing is faster than Zoom Contact! Zoom Contact lets you enter a contact's name, address (home and work), phone numbers (fax, pager, mobile and work), websites (home and work), social networking info (AIM, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), and notes... all from one screen! And all without any time-consuming "back and forth" screen wipes. You can also add a picture from one of your photo albums with just a few taps! (Or, from your Camera, if you are using an iPhone or other camera-equipped device.) Once you have all your info entered, just hit the "Add" button, and then you can add another new contact just as quickly! In fact, add as many as you want!

Unlike the standard Contacts app, Zoom Contact lets you quickly and easily review and edit the groups in your Address Book. Just tap the Group Actions icon, and then add, rename or remove groups!

Just like the default Contacts app, Zoom Contact works with the standard Address Book. So, any changes you make in Zoom Contact will show up there (and vice versa). And, if you have set up syncing between your iOS device and your computer, changes made in Zoom Contact will show up there too!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to batch import my contacts? Can Zoom Contact do this?

No. Zoom Contact is intended to allow you to quickly add or edit single contacts and/or group information.

However, Apple has made it fairly simple to import all of your contacts into your device, simply by syncing with iTunes. The steps are detailed on Apple's web site, and are fairly simple.
  • For Outlook-specific info, click here.
  • For more generic instructions, click here.

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