About Zoom Player

Zoom Player is the fastest way to play music on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just tap the icon and Zoom Player will begin playing a random song from your library. Once your music is playing, you can control playback by tapping one of the big, friendly controls, or, if you prefer, by using simple swipes. Up or down to control volume, left or right to skip tracks and double-tap to pause/play. Zoom Player also lets you shuffle music by artist or album. Just tap the artist or album name and Zoom Player does the rest. Zoom Player is also multi-tasking aware on iOS 4. If you run another application and stop your music, Zoom Player can be configured to automatically restart your music as soon as it becomes the active application. (Zoom Player is a free application that is supported by advertising. If you prefer an ad-free version, please take a look at our original fast music player app, Shuffler.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zoom Player iOS 4 compatible?

Yes! Zoom Player takes advantage of the multi-tasking in iOS 4 and later to allow you to easily restart playing your music in the case that it is interrupted. (Via the "Always Restart Music" preference.)

If you need a fast music player for an older version of iOS, please try Shuffler.

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