About Zoom Share

Zoom Share allows you to quickly share contacts and photos via WiFi, Bluetooth or e-mail. When you meet another Zoom Share user, just tap the "Start Sharing" button and then drag and drop the items you want to share on them! It's that simple!

To make sharing even faster, Zoom Share lets you set up a "Me" card that can be automatically shared whenever you connect with another Zoom Share user! No more searching your contacts for your info or fumbling for business cards. Zoom Share sends your info the moment you connect. (And yes, Zoom Share remembers who you've automatically sent your Me card to, so that it doesn't do it again, and yes, you can turn this off if you want.)

If the person you want to share with isn't nearby, just drag the item you want to share onto the e-mail sharing icon and Zoom Share will attach the item to an e-mail you can send to them. If you are e-mailing contact information, Zoom Share even gives you the option of attaching a thumbnail image of the person along with their vCard. This is handy if the recipient is using an operating system that has trouble with pictures inside vCards (like Windows 7 and most other mobile operating systems).

Best of all, Zoom Share is FREE and supported by iAds.

If you don't like iAds, a 99 cent in-app purchase will remove the ads and give you the ability to share any documents that you have synced from iTunes! This basically turns your device into a Bluetooth-, WiFi- and e-mail-sharing flash drive!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I share with at once?

While there's no real limit to how many people you can connect to and share with at once, simple bandwidth limitations put the numbers at about 3 for Bluetooth and 5 or 6 for WiFi. (WiFi may be more, but that's the most devices we've gotten together at once for testing.)

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